Our Services

  • Brainsy powers co-branded knowledge sharing networks for associations, professional societies, and membership organizations.


    Expert Communities: ECN® or ECO (for Organizations):

     Private label “Ask the Expert” and ECN® or ECO platform to extend your social media presence.
     Monetize your social network or affinity group.
     Increase member value and create new (non-dues) revenue. 

    Digital Buyers Guides (for Organizations) 

     Custom-created directory and search portal.
    ● A well-organized and easily referenced taxonomy of the major suppliers and vendors in your industry.  

    Personal Media ECN or ECO (for Selected Experts):

    Boost your online profile for lead generation or new revenue.
    Manage connections, show thought leadership in your field.
    Affix an ECN or ECO InCall® or Widget to make your other social media profiles transactional.



    ECN Main homepage

    Visit the Expert Calling Network (ECN) Gateway to learn more.

    Visit the Expert Community Online (ECO) Gateway to learn more.